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Dr Gechi Obiano Graduates as The Best Molecular Medicine Student



By Harrison Madubueze

Permit me to use this medium to congratulate in a special way, the only daughter of our Governor Dr. Willie Obiano. This piece is specially dedicated to this young girl whom had distinguished herself in medical science across the world.

Over the weekend the wickedness of men were displayed on the social media so much so that we forgot to see the scholarly achievement of this you girl. YES…!!! What the likes of Apga Alaigbo, Eneh Victor Chigozie, Valentine Amala Ulasi, and a whole lots of others whose stock in trades were to say No to anything done by Dr. Willie Obiano was purely an act of wickedness and my prayer is that God will visit their own success in life with the same degree of hatred and wickedness whenever such accrues to them. These boys could not use even a minute to say congratulations to this innocent young girl whom has written her name in gold in far away United States. What they were busy with was lies and propaganda just to score only God knows what.

As Christians, the bible told us to be happy with those who are happy and mourn with those who mourn. Everything must not be politics. What amazes me in Anambra here is that those in opposition has adopted the same type criticism that the APC used against Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in 2014 that made them promise Nigerians havens on earth which they have all denied today. In 2014 Alhaji Lai Mohammed saw nothing good in everything done by GEJ. I simply will urge ndi Anambra to watch it from the APC this time in Anambra State.

Moving forward, it is very important that I tell you few things that made the graduation of our Governor’s daughter spectacular.


How many of us are aware that this young has already became a medical student on scholarship even before her father became the Governor of Anambra State…? No the opposition will not tell you that Dr. Gechi Obiano graduated as the Best student in Molecular Medicine. The primary question is what then is Molecular Medicine…? I had to google this myself and this was what I saw… “Molecular medicine is a new scientific discipline in European universities. Combining contemporary medical studies with the field of biochemistry, it offers a bridge between the two subjects. At present only a handful of universities offer the course to undergraduates. With a degree in this discipline the graduate is able to pursue a career in medical sciences, scientific research, laboratory work and postgraduate medical degrees…”

My good friends, the only way one would appreciate medicine very well, is if you had a son, daughter, or sibling that read it. My little experience with mine made me to respect Doctors across the world. Beyond the fact they don’t have time for fun and enjoyment, due to the 24/7 hours reading involved, Doctors even hardly make friends outside their discipline. Thus, a 100% attention is what medicine requires.

To me, it takes a lot of discipline for a young girl born into such affluence like Dr. Gechi OBIANO to look beyond wealth and became so disciplined to record such success.

How many of us are aware that the 13 countries traveled by the Dr Gechi were part of her universities benefits for any student who achieves such fit as BEST graduate…? Yes Dr. Gechi won the privilege of traveling to 13 countries in the world specifically to remote areas for medical researches as part of the university’s benevolence.

What more can we say other than looking beyond criticisms and celebrate this typical ANAMBRA WOMAN despite political affiliations. In politics, everything must not criticized.

Once again I Say CONGRATULATIONS Dr. Gechi Obiano for making Anambra, Nigeria and even Africa proud. More power to your efforts …. Amen. A special thanks to peoples Senator designate Chief Sir Victor Umeh & wife Lady Prisca Umeh for being with the Obianos on this special and memorable event of their life.

Harrison Madubueze
Awka, Anambra State.