To All Relevant Authorities And General Public.

The attention of Ojoto Akanasato Union (OAU) Ojoto in Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State, has been drawn to orchestrated misinformations being Published in the mass media about the sacred Ojoto Traditional Institution and wish to formally SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT and convey the THE TRUE POSITION to the General Public and quench the falsehoods and misinformations being sponsored by some interest group.

On the 14th. day of April, 2016, we were greeted with the shock of the Transition of the Igwe/Eze Ojoto, HRH Igwe Augustine Obidiwe, Eze Akajioana Ojoto I.

As required by our constitution and tradition, the Town Union did the Proclamation of the passage after 28 days, installed a Regent and started the process of selection to fill the vacant stool in strict compliance with the Constitution, Custom, Norms, Culture and Tradition of Ojoto as required by Anambra Traditional Rulers Law, 2007.

We promptly notified the appropriate Government Offices/Authorities and Security Agencies and communicated all our correspondences to all the necessary authorities in writing and ensured due process, rule of law and constitution is strictly followed in the selection process of a New Igwe of Ojoto.

In Ojoto, Igwe/Eze rotates between Ojoto-unoh and Ojoto-Obiofia in order of seniority of quarters among the Eight (8) villages down to the kindreds within the villages in Ojoto.

Our transited Igwe Augustine Obidiwe was chosen from Umuonyia, the most senior kindred in Ezieke the most senior village in Ojoto- Unoh, and therefore by our customs, tradition and laws the successor must come from Umuofor, the most senior kindred in Enugo village which is the most senior village from Ojoto-Obiofia.


On Saturday 13th. May, 2017, the Town Union, Kingmakers (Okpalas) and the concerned Traditional Institutions in Ojoto finally confirmed and instituted properly and lawfully selected New Igwe/Eze Elect of Ojoto from Umuofor kindred in Enugo village Ojoto-Obiofia, Ojoto and was ratified by the massively attended General Assembly meeting of the Emergency General Meeting of Ojoto Akanasato Union at Eke Ojoto Town Hall as required by our laws, customs, and Tradition of the town and laws of the State. All appropriate government and security agencies were properly communicated.

We are grateful to God Almighty and are happy to announce to the world that Ojoto now has a New Igwe/Eze Elect in the person of Chief Dennis Okafor (Ide Ojoto) Ojoto of Ojoto, Eze Ebube II (in view) from Umuofor Royal kindred of Enugo village Ojoto Obiofia.

He shall be formally installed and coronated in due course as required by the State Traditional Rulers Law, 2007 and Ojoto Traditional laws.

Chief Dennis Adindu Okafor (Ide Ojoto) is the Igwe/Eze Elect of Ojoto and not yet installed/coronated Igwe/Eze Ojoto as being misrepresented/misinformed by some people in the media.

We thank the office of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Chieftaincy and Town Union Matters for the prompt correction through a Public Announcement.

As the time for the contest for Igweship of Ojoto is over, we join the State Government to call on all parties to the Igweship tussle to embrace Peace, Love, Brotherhood, Harmony and Unity. Eschew bitterness and rancour and imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship for the good and progress of Ojoto.

All Ojotorians are hereby urged not to take laws into their hands and should desist from any gathering or actions capable of breaching the PUBLIC PEACE in any part of Ojoto as law enforcement agencies are prepared as ever to ensure Peace and Security in Ojoto.

Chief Obiemeka Ifionu (Publicity Sec/PRO).

Engr. Dr. Umeghalu Ifeanyi Edwin (President General, Ojoto Akanasato Union)