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Anambra guber: Obiano against godsons

By Obiora Aghadinuno
As the curtain rises on the November 18, 2017 gubernatorial election in Anambra State, political analysts appear shocked at what seems like a déjà vu scenario that is unfolding before everyone. People talk in hush tones about the ominous return of the godfathers.
Truth be told; “godfather” is not a word you fling around cheekily while discussing politics in Anambra State. The word carries an atmosphere that grates on the consciousness of any discerning indigene of Anambra State, especially those who were old enough to witness the regimes of Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju and Senator Chris Ngige. The word evokes shadows and clouds of darkness, conjured by political outlaws whose vicelike grip on the levers of power once squeezed the daylight out of the people.
No one who loves Anambra State would be happy to hear the word “godfather” used in a discussion concerning the political leadership of the state. But sadly, it has crept back into the social media comments of some social media handlers of some politicians in the state.
Indeed, the fear of the godfather is real in Anambra State. The fear took a frightening turn this week when documents signed in the bedchambers of some billionaires began to float around on social media revealing the obscene details of agreements signed by desperate politicians who would stop at nothing in their quest for power. The most worrisome of these documents emanated from the APC camp with the signatures of the party’s gubernatorial candidate, Mr Tony Nwoye and that of a billionaire businessman agreeing to numerous mindboggling conditions for the financial support of the businessman.
On the strength of the agreement reached in the document, the businessman reserves the right to appoint 10 commissioners to any ministry of his choice and 30 per cent of the state’s monthly internally generated revenue. Although the allegation was denied by Nwoye, if this document is authentic, then déjà vu is sincerely back. The Mbadinuju and Ngige era is back with fury. And what would become of the state if APC wins?
The scenario becomes even more frightening when we realise that the candidate of the PDP, Mr. Oseloka Obaze, has also been unabashedly paraded as the godson of a former governor of the state who has sworn to singlehandedly remove his successor. The former governor is known to have openly boasted that he would spare no effort to prove to anyone that cares that he had what it takes to remove and install any governor in the state.
To achieve his egocentric ambition, he has been dragging Mr Obaze, his political godson from one bishop to another to plead for their anointing. The former governor who brusquely brushed aside the public apology offered by his successor to demonstrate his cold resolve to change the present political order in the state, has brazenly set himself up as a political god in Anambra State whose thirst must be assuaged at all cost. His sponsorship of a coterie of praise singers who lionize him with outlandish titles, such as “the Oracle,” has further deepened the growing fears around his unbridled ambition to wrap the entire state around his finger.
The irony of the unfolding scenario in Anambra Sate is that Obaze’s godfather had fought godfathers with every ounce of strength in his body during his time as governor before he set the state on the path of rebirth. It is, therefore, a strange mutation to see this same man transmogrify into an unbending godfather whose ego must be appeased at the expense of the state. So, to this former governor the November 18 poll is all about ego and vengeance; the wellbeing of Anambra State be damned!
Between the billionaire businessman, who allegedly wants half of the state added to his business empire and the vengeful former governor, who wants to establish a kingdom of ego, Governor Willie Obiano stands tall with his sparkling achievements and a magic wand summoning the dawn for a new Anambra. His performance has been so transcendental that no aspirant in the party felt any strong compulsion to run against him in the primary.
The impressive network of roads and bridges, the peaceful atmosphere that pervades the state, the regular payment of salaries in spite of the recession in the country and the N20million Choose-your-Project initiative that has brought government closer to the people are a few of his remarkable achievements that place Obiano clearly ahead of his closest challenger in the coming race.