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Anambra 2017: We Need a “Doer,” Not a Lackey    

By Ejimonu Udenka
Thankfully I am a witness, having been resident and active participant in the political sphere of Anambra State in the last twenty years. Most of us saw and survived the tumultuous years that abated with the exit of Chris Ngige and the emergence of  Peter Obi who held sway for eight years. However, I am still struggling to come to terms with the obvious attempt by some power brokers especially Peter Obi who was a direct beneficiary of the rejection of godfathers to take us back to that dreaded era all in pursuit of vendetta against his friend Chief Willie Obiano whom he is working steadfastly to supplant with Sir Oseloka Obaze.
My puzzle at Peter Obi’s latest posture is not a protest against his choice but the fact that he pretends not to know why Anambra cannot swallow its vomit. I have noticed the spirited effort to position Sir Obaze as the best thing that happened to governance. Really? Please wake me up. I thought the man was a former Secretary to the Government both under Obi and Obiano. What are his antecedents? The make-over artistes should spare the brush. Forget the new white beard, the man is well known to us. He is not a doer.
I noticed a futile attempt to paint the man as a victim of disqualification 2013, to justify why his sponsor who fronted and later dumped him now wants us, Ndi Anambra to forget how he passed-him over to endorse another, after tapping him to tame the vaulting ambition of his younger brother, Dubem. Is anyone nonplussed as I am that a man who was genuinely interested in contesting for governor never had a party card? The platform he wished to stand on? Biko nyem efe!
Suddenly they want to tell us that Oseloka Obaze has become the consummate diplomat, the one who made it possible for Peter to perform. Chukwu aju! The man I have seen over the years is a backroom hand who does the bidding on his handlers. For a person who got a life-line back to Nigeria after sojourn abroad and served under the watchful eye of many lieutenants whose assessment of his office work relationship is that of a vindictive turn-coat and opportunist, I am appalled that gradually some persons are being sold a dummy. God forbid! We cannot be led to slaughter again.
Yes, Peter Obi had his time in the office as governor; thankfully it was the APGA platform that guided him to keep his eyes on the ball. Again, Willie Obiano took the mantle and has shown that the APGA platform is indeed a nest of excellence. Obiano has undoubtedly steered our state to enviable heights from where his predecessor left. A fact acknowledged openly by friends and discreetly by foes.
Obaze cannot run on his godfather’s credentials, he has not shown enough to warrant a change of the status quo in Anambra. Indeed some have asked, why all the fuss about the coming elections in Anambra? I think it’s all about personal disagreements which does not concern Ndi Anambra. Our concern should be about sustaining the excellence we have seen over the last eleven years under APGA. Obiano has shown through performance that he is our best option for peace and stability. Any preachment about someone without clear track record as a performer to come and take us back cannot work.
Umunnem, Obiano has proven that he is a doer, we don’t need a lackey.
Ejimonu writes from Orumba (ejimonu247@gmail.com)