Ekiti State Postal Code

Ekiti State Postal Code is 360001 to 372109. Code number 360001 as the code for the NIPOST Headquarters. This State is located in South West Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria.

For more details on the list of ZIP codes or Postal codes in Ekiti State, find the code along with the LGA and location.

Postal Code Ekiti State

Postcode Location LGA Type
360001 Ado Ekiti Ado Ekit Facility
360002 Ijan Gbonyin Facility
360003 Ilawe Irepodun/Ifelodun Facility
361001 Ikere Ikere Facility
361002 Igbara Odo Ilejemeje Facility
361003 Ise Ise/Orun Facility
361003 Orin Ido Osi Facility
361004 Emure Emure Facility
362001 Aramoko Moba Facility
362002 Okemesi Ekiti West Facility
362003 Erinjinyan Ekiti West Facility
362004 Efon Alaye Efon Facility
362005 Iyin Irepodun/Ifelodun Facility
362006 Igede Ekiti West Facility
362007 Awo Irepodun/Ifelodun Facility
370001 Ikole Ikole Facility
370002 Ire Oye Facility
370003 Ijesa – Isu Ikole Facility
370004 Ode Gbonyin Facility
370005 Aisegba Gbonyin Facility
370006 Omuo Ekiti South West Facility
370007 Iluomoba Gbonyin Facility
371002 Ifaki Ido Osi Facility
371004 Ilogbo Ido Osi Facility
371006 Usi Ido Osi Facility
371007 Isan Oye Facility
371008 Ilupeju Oye Facility
371008 Omuo Oke Ekiti East Facility
371009 Aiyetoro Ido Osi Facility
371010 Oye Oye Facility
372001 Ido Ido Osi Facility
372001 Ijero Ijero Facility
372002 Iloro Ijero Facility
372003 Ayede Oye Facility
372003 Iye Ilejemeje Facility
372004 Otun Moba Facility

Ekiti State Postal Code Maps

Postcode by LGA

Post Office

Office Address City LGA
Ado Ekiti Opp. WEMA Bank Odo Oja Ado Ado L/G
Ikere Along King Palace Ikere Ikere L/G
Aramoko Beside Oba’s Palace Aramoko Aramoko L/G
Efon Kings Palace, Efon Efon Efon L/G
Orin Along Ido Road, Orin Ekiti Orin Ido/ Osi
Ifaki Beside Police Station, Ifaki Ifaki Ido/ Osi
Ido Odo Oja Street Ido Ido/ Osi
Osi Beside Kings Palace Osi Ido/ Osi
Awo Ejisu Street Awo Ido/ Osi
Iyin Beside Kings palace, Iyin Iyin Irepodun
Igede Irona Road Igede Irepodun
Ijan Oke-Suru, Ijan Ijan Igboyin
Iluomoba Oke-Aanu Street Iluomoba Igboyin
Okemesi Opp. Obas Palace Okemesi Ekiti West
Ilawe Opp. Kings Palace Ilawe Ekiti/S/W
Igbaraodo Along Kings Market Igbaraodo Ekiti/S/W
Erinjiyan Located at Erinjiyan Erinjiyan Ekiti/S/W
Ise Beside Oba’s Palace Ise Orin L/G
Emure Oke Emure Street Emure Orin L/G
Iyin Located at Iyin Ekiti Iyin Ilejemeje
Ikole Iwakun Street Beside Palace Ikole Ikole
Oye Ifaki Road Oye Ekiti Oye
Omuo- Ekiti Ilisa street Omuo Ekiti Omuo- Ekiti Ekiti East
Aisegba Aafin Market street Aisegba Ekiti Gbonyin
Omuo Oke Motor Park Omuo-Oke Omuo Oke Ekiti Ekiti East
Ilupeju Old Ifaki Road, Ilupeju Ekiti Ilupeju Ekiti Oye
Ijesa Isu Market street Ijesa Isu Ijesa Isu Ekiti Ikole
Ode Ekiti Afin Street Ode Ekiti Ode Ekiti Gbonyin
Ire Ekiti Oba’s Palace Community Oye
Isan Ekiti Near Market Community Oye
Ayede Ekiti Near Market Community Oye
Ijero Ekiti Ogbon Oba Street, Ijero City Ijero
Otun Ekiti Odo-Oja street Otun Ekiti City Moba
Ushi Ekiti Oja Oba Str., Ushi Ekiti Community Ido/ Osi
Ilogbo Ekiti Odo Oja Street Community Ido/ Osi
Ayetoro Ekiti Odo Uju Street Community Ido/ Osi
Iloro Ekiti Oja Oba Street Community Ijero
Ikoro Ekiti Near Palace Community Ijero
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