Friday Sermon: Tears for Muslims in Morocco and Libya, By Murtadha Gusau


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“And We sent not the signs except to warn and to make them afraid (of Allah’s punishment).”

“Allah alternates the day and the night. Surely this is a lesson for insightful people.”

“The alternation of the day and the night, the provisions that Allah sends from the skies—which revive the earth after its death — and the shifting of the winds are signs for people of understanding.”

“He is constantly arranging the affairs.”

“Every calamity that befalls you or occurs on the earth was written in a book before it occurred.”

“A calamity can only occur if Allah permits its occurrence.”

“Ad’s story contains a lesson. We sent a violent wind to destroy his people. The wind reduced everything to shreds. Thamud’s story contains another lesson. It was said to his people: “Enjoy yourselves for a short period.” They continued to defy their Lord’s command, so We seized them with a mighty blast when they were looking. They were not able to stand, nor were they given any assistance. Nuh’s people were also destroyed. They were truly sinful.”

“We would never destroy a society unless its people persistently transgressed.”

“Allah drew the example of a society that was safe and secure. It received its provision abundantly from every place, but its people were ungrateful, so Allah made them taste the clutches of hunger and fear for their misdeeds [i.e. their ungratefulness, etc.].”

“Whatever affliction befalls you resulted from your own doing.”

“Had they observed the Torah, the Gospel, and what was revealed to them from their Lord, they would have been overwhelmed with provisions from above and below.”

“Had the people of those societies believed and been fearful, We would have overwhelmed them with blessings from heaven and earth, but they disbelieved, so We seized them for what they used to commit [i.e. sins].”

“We only send these signs to terrorise them.”

“Do you think you will be admitted into Paradise without being tested like those before you? They were afflicted with suffering and adversity and [their hearts] were violently shaken such that even the Messenger and the believers cried out: “When will Allah’s help arrive?”

“He may punish the hypocrites and the polytheists who harbour evil thoughts of Allah. May ill-fate befall them! Allah is displeased with them. He has condemned them and prepared Hell for them. What an evil destination.”

“When the earth is violently shaken, and the mountains crumble and turn to dust.”

“When the earth is shaken with its [final] quake, and the earth discharges the deceased.”

“O humanity! Fear your Lord, for the violent quaking at the Hour is surely a dreadful thing. On that Day, every mother will abandon her nursing child, and every pregnant woman will deliver her baby [prematurely], and people will appear to be drunk, but they will not be drunk.”

“A dreadful thing.”

“Certainly, Allah is the Provider, Owner of Strength, the Powerful.”








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