List of Post Office in Anambra State

Post Office

Office Address City LGA
Alor Along Akatete Rd Ekebunoyo Village Alor Alor Idemili South
Amichi Nnewi/Okigwe Rd okpala Village Amichi Amichi Nnewi South
Ekwulumili Nnewi/Okigwe Rd Umudiri Village Ekwulumili Ekwulumuli Nnewi South
Ichi Old Nnewi/Ionitsha Rd Obinagu Village Ichi Ichi Nnewi South
Nkwo-Ezinifite Mbubu, Ifite Village Ezinifite Nkwo-Ezinifite Nnewi South
Nnobi Adazi/Nnewi Road, by Alor Market Nnobi Nnobi Idemili South
Nnokwa Adazi/Nnewi Road, Umuide Village, Nnokwa Nnokwa Orumba North
Osumenyi No. 5 Igweumezinwa Obidike Rd Eke Mkt Area, Osumenyi Osumenyi Orumba North
Unubi Beside Alor Market, Etitinabo Village, Unubi Unubi Orumba North
Ojoto Behind ono Market Square, AlongSt.Paauls Cath.Road Ojoto Idemili South
Ojoto-Uno Nnobi Rd by LG Sec. Umuechem Village Ojoto-Uno Ojoto-Uno Idemili South
Awka-Etiti Nnobi/ Ibgo-Ukwu Rd umuduru village Awka-Etiti Awka-Etiti Idemili South
Azigbo Nkwo Market, Amichi Rd Azigbo Azigbo Nnewi South
Awka Zik’s Avenue Rd Awka Awka South
Amawbia Zik’s Avenue Rd,Amawbia Amawbia Awka South
Achalla Mbariam/Achalla Road Achalla Awka North
Ebenebe UNIZIK/Mgbaukwu Road Ebenebe Awka North
Enugwu-ukwu Enugu/Osha old Rd Enugwu-ukwu Njikoka
Mgbakwu Unizika-Mgbakwu Road Mgbakwu Awka North
Nawfia Enugu/Onitsha by old Rd Nawfia Njikoka
Nibo Amawbia / Nibo Road Nibo Awka South
Nimo Enugwu ukwu by Nimo Rd Nimo Njikoka
Nise Behind Nise Market Nise Awka South
UNIZIK UNIZIK campus Awka Awka North
Abagana Enugu/Onitsha by old Rd Abagana Abagana Njikoka
Awkuzu Abagana/Awkuzu Road Awkuzu Oyi
Enugwu-Agidi Enugwu-Agidi Rd by Onitsha Exp.Rd. Enugwu-Agidi Njikoka
Ezi-Abba Abba Junction-Abba Ezi-Abba Njikoka
Ifitedunu Onyeagu Ifite-Dunu Junction Ifitedunu Dunukofia
Nawgu Nawgu Rd by Onitsha Exp Rd Nawgu Oyi
Nteje Nteje-Otuocha Road Nteje Oyi
Ukwulu Ukwulu Road Ukwulu Dunukofia
Ifite-Ukpo Abagana-Ifite Ukpor Road Ifite-Ukpo Dunukofia
Umuokpu old onitsha exp. Umuokpu Akwa Road Umuokpo Dunukofia
Umuawulu*** abagana Abagana Njikoka
Agulu Awka-Ekwuluobia Rd. Nwagu Junction Agulu Agulu Anaocha
Adazi-Ani Agulu-Nnewi Road Eke Market Adazi-Ani Anaocha
Adazi-Enu Neni-Ichi Rd Nkwo Market Adazi-Enu Anaocha
Adazi-Nnukwu Beside Ebenghe Petrol Station Agulu-Nnewi Road Adazi-Nnukwu Anaocha
Oba Nnewi/ Onitsha Old Road Amoji Quarter’s Oba Idemili South
Umuoji Amoji Quarter’s, Umuoji Umuoji Idemili South
Nkpor B O Onitsha by Express Road Nkpor Idemili South
Ogidi Old Enugwu by Osha Road Ogidi Idemili North
Abatete Ekeagu Mkt, Abatete Abatete Idemili North
Aforigwe Old Enugu/ Osha Road Aforigwe Anaocha
Eziowelle Eke Market Oziowelle Idemili North
Ogbunike Ukalor Avenue Ogbunike Oyi
Umudioka Old Enugu/ Osha Road Umudioka Oyi
Umunnachi Km 12 Old Enugu-Osha Road Umunnachi Oyi
Nsugbe Ogwuari Nsugbe Nsugbe Anambra East
Awada No. 1 Tony Umeh Street Awada Idemili North
Isingwu Nkpor No. 1 Isingwu Street Isingwu Nkpor Oyi
Ogwugwu-oba Anierobi’s Compound by EMI-Bros filling Station Ogwgwu Oba Oyi
Ochanja No. 1 Rangers Street Okpoko Ochanja Aguata
Akili-Ogidi Umuejem Akili Ogidi Obodoukwu Street Akili-Ogidi Aguata
Aguleri No. 1 Ifensonz Street Aguleri Anambra East
Umueri Aguleri- Otuocha Road Junction Umueri Anambra East
Umuoba-Anam Afor Mkt Square Umuoba Anam Anambra West
Odekpe Odekpe Market Square Odekpe Ogbaru
Okpoko Obodoukwu Street Okpoko Ogbaru
Ihiala Onitsha/Owerri Rd Ihiala Ihiala
Okija Nnewi/Ihiala Rd Okija Ihiala
Oraifite Nnewi/Oraifite Rd Oraifite Ihiala
Ozubulu Nnewi/Ihiala Rd Ozubulu Ihiala
Ukpor Ukpor Road by Nnewi/Ihiala Rd Ukpor Ihiala
Uli Onitsha/Owerri Rd Uli Ihiala
Ezenwaume Ezenwaume village Ihiala Oraifite Ekwusigo
Aguata Ekwulobia/Uga Road Ekwulobia Aguata
Nanka Agulu/Ekwolobia Road Nanka Aguata
Achina Ekwulobia/Uga Road Achina Aguata
Amaokpala Oko/Umunze Road Amaokpala Aguata
Amesi Market Square Amesi Amesi Aguata
Igbo-ukwu Awka Etiti/Ekwolobia Road Igbo-ukwu Aguata
Isuofia Igbo-ukwu/Ekwolobia Road Isuofia Aguata
Uga Ekwulobia/Uga Road Uga Aguata
Umuchu Osete Umuchu Town Umuchu Aguata
Oko Oko/Ekwolobia Road Oko Orumba North
Umunze Umunze/Isuochi Road Umunze Orumba North
Akpu Market Square Akpu Akpu Orumba South
Ezira Oko/Umunze Road Ezira Orumba South
Ihite Market Square Okigwe Road Ihite Orumba South
Ogbunka Umunze/Isuochi Road Ogbunka Orumba South
Isulo Oko/Umunze Road Isulo Orumba South
Ajalli Oko/Umunze Road Ajalli Orumba North
Enugwu-Abor Enugwu-Abor by Ufuma Rd Jct Enugwu-Abor Orumba North
Ndiokpaleze Ndiokpaleze Ndiokpaleze Orumba North
Ufuma Oko/Umunze Road Ufuma Orumba North
Umuonyiba Umuonyiba Town Square Umuonyiba Orumba North
Fed Poly Oko Fed. Poly Main Campus Oko Orumba North
Fed Tech Col Umunze Fed. Tech. College Main Campus Umunze Umunze Orumba North
Nnewi No. 1 Old Onitsha Rd Nnewi Roundabout Nnewi Nnewi Nnewi North
Agulu-Uzoigbo Agulu-Igboukwu Road Oye Market Agulu-Uzoigbo Anaocha
Akwaeze Afor Market Square Akwaeze Akwaeze Anaocha
Ichida**** Awka Etiti/Igbo-ukwu Road Ichida Anaocha
Mbaukwu Afor Market Square, Mbaukwu Mgbaukwu Awka South
Obeledu Adazi-Nnukwu-Obeledu Road oye Market Square Obeledu Anaocha
Nri Along Agulu-Nri Road Eke Market Square Nri Anaocha
Neni Neni Town Hall Oye Market Square Neni Anaocha
Enugwu-Adazi Oye Market Square, Enugwu-Adazi Enugwu-Adazi Orumba North
Awgbu Eke Market Square, Awgbu Unwawulu Rd Awgbu Orumba North
Oraukwu Otta, Nikpuota Road Oye Market Orakwu Idemili South
Onitsha 54 Old Mkt Road, Onitsha Onitsha Onitsha North
Omor Omor/Adani Road, Omor Omor Ayamelum
Nzam Afor Mkt Square Nzam Nzam Anambra West
Umunya Enugwu/Osha Express Road Umunya Anambra West
Nkwelle-Ezunaka Nkwelle-Ezunaka Nkwelle-Ezunaka Anambra West
Fegge Bolingo Road Onitsha Fegge Onitsha South
Atani Onitsha/Ogbaru Road Atani Ogbaru
Ogboefere Ogboefere Market Ogboefere Onitsha South
Ogwuikpele Umungasi Village near Igwe’s Palace Ogwuikpele Onitsha South
Obosi Uruowulu Village Obosi Obosi Idemili North
Nkpor Ugbugba, Umuoji Nkpor Rd Nkpor Idemili North


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