Nigeria: A nation in search of an alternative to righteousness, By Ayo Akerele


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Hitler’s Cycle of Evil is a movie series that uncovers the strategies and modus operandi of the evil Nazi leadership, which ultimately led to the death of more than fifty million people during the Second World War. This movie is a masterpiece of insight and revelation for understanding why and how a nation can be easily and clandestinely captured by a handful of power-hungry bigots. The first step in liquidating a people, writes Milan Hubl,  is “to erase its memory, destroy its books, its culture, and its history. Before long, the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was.” Stretching this further, Arthur Schlesinger said, “when a nation loses its history, it becomes whatever people say it is, and usually, the loudest and angriest voices win.” No other assertions clearly epitomise Nigeria’s present situation as these two masterpieces. Clearly, Nigerians, particularly the younger generation, have lost their hold on history. And sadly, this nation called Nigeria, with far-reaching roots into extraordinarily strong cultural heritages, exceptionally inviting natural resources, and some of the most brilliant human beings on earth, has now been reduced to a caricature of its brilliant history and past glory. This to me effectively validates Milan Hubl’s earlier cited statement.

As we speak, Nigeria’s perennially corrupt elites and politicians seem to have succeeded in reprogramming and gaslighting the vast majority of the people, in their millions, to accepting abnormality as normality, poverty as prosperity, under-development as development, lies as truths, and propagandas as realities. Traditionally, these are instruments that are extensively and historically used by totalitarian states. In fact, the latter is the most potent weapon of tyrants and their enablers. They use propaganda, lies and gaslighting to demoralise, deceive and suppress youths and myriads of adults alike.

Nigerians, I want to appeal to you to wake up from your slumber and take back your country from your liquidators. They have continued to leverage on the potent weapon of propaganda to tie you down in this cycle of pain, poverty, and hopelessness. Let me tell you something about propaganda. Edward Bernays, in his book, Propaganda defines the notion as, “The intelligent manipulation of the people.” And, propaganda, according to Dr Erwin Lutzer, “can change the direction of a nation.” Adolf Hitler had a notorious Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, who literarily gaslighted a whole generation of Germans to accepting Hitler as the best person for the job of taking them to glory, until the entire world came crashing on them. 

Poverty is one of the most lethal weapons of suppression and oppression deployed by powerful liquidators in subduing the masses. Sadly, poverty always comes to town with its aunties and uncles – ignorance, timidity, fear, low self esteem, and loss of human rights.

A poor man is already self-defeated and self-subdued. And in that state, any kind of leader, sorry, dealer, good or bad, who throws a bait at him would be welcomed with open arms. Poverty essentially shuts down the brain. It locks a man out of the natural state of personal responsibility. It shuts down a man from the world of logic and critical thinking. This is why it seems as if Nigeria, as an example, continues to repackage, re-present, and recycle evil and wicked leaders, sorry, dealers. There seems to be no power or impetus from the people to break this cycle of evil.

A nation does not fail from the lack of resources. Nations fail when values fail. Nations fail when dealers replace leaders. And nothing triggers a value system collapse like poverty, because a hungry man is an angry man who is capable of doing anything to overcome his poverty. Poverty shuts down the ability to discern between truth and nonsense. As Richard Terrell puts it, “When you create a critical mass of people who cannot discern between truth and nonsense, you will have a society ready to fall for any leader.” There is no short cut to remedying Nigeria — the people hold the ace. Neither America nor the United Nations, the imperialists who are equal beneficiaries from the failure of this country, will help, or at least, wants to help. 

Thus, Nigeria is at a perennial crossroad of darkness because at all levels, within and outside the church, righteousness has taken flight. The church that should be the light of the world has shifted position. The world is now the light of the church. It is now so bad that many among the church leaders in Nigeria have forsaken their first love totally, and are now wining and dining with mammon, while a lot of pastors, including some of our church leaders, are actually involved in unbelievable shades and dimensions of occultic practices, rituals and sacrifices, which millions of Nigerian Christians have failed to accept as realities. Thus, Nigeria is where it is today because evil and wickedness have eaten deep into the fabrics of the church and the society at large. 

In July 2020, I woke up from a frightening night vision about Nigeria. I saw a stretch of neighbourhoods in Nigeria looking desolate. It was a scene reminiscent of the war-ravaged city of Mogadishu. Shops and businesses were emptied; roads were waterlogged, refuse-littered, dirty, smelly, stinking, and messy. Some roads leading to major streets were flooded with human blood. Buildings were rickety and ramshackled, and the surviving people standing aloof on streets stood in a panic mood. There was neither food nor drinks to buy as I combed building to building, and shop to shop. It was a terrible sight.

Anytime evil reigns in a land, God’s judgment is poured on the land. There is no human remedy for fixing Nigeria, other than for the church, which should be the light of Nigeria, to return to sanity and righteousness. Without righteousness, no positive confession will fix Nigeria. Without righteousness, no prayers and fasting will fix Nigeria. Righteousness is not perfection, but a commitment towards doing the right things. Righteousness is for politicians to stop rigging elections. Righteousness is for judges to stop compromising judgements, selling justice to the rich and giving judgements to the poor. Righteousness is for politicians to stop looting and stealing public funds. Righteousness is for the pastors and church leaders, who are in various occultic societies, to exit those societies and start standing for truth. Righteousness is for pastors to stop fraternising with corrupt politicians for pecuniary gains and benefits and to start standing in their places of honour  dignity, and consecration. Righteousness is for every Nigerian to start embracing and promoting the values of love, justice, equity, fairness, faithfulness, and truth. When we are committed and ready to stand for righteousness, we would be ready to build a great nation.

“Righteousness [moral and spiritual integrity and virtuous character] exalts a nation, But sin is a disgrace to any people.” (Proverbs 14:34 AMP)

Ayo Akerele, a leadership and system development strategist, and minister of the word, writes from Canada and can be reached through











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