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The Wonders of Wisdom

There are many more wonders of wisdom. In Matthew 11:19, we see that wisdom can justify you in incredibly dicey situations. “…wisdom is justified by her children.”

In the ministry of John the Baptist, Jesus testified about the role of wisdom in his life. Amidst accusations, attacks and even death, wisdom found its voice to speak justification on behalf of John the Baptist. What wisdom did for John the Baptist, what it did for Jesus, what it did for the disciples, it can easily do for you. Wisdom will bring justification to your walk.

Wisdom played a major role in the life of another biblical hero, the man with the coat of many colours. There was a reason for the recognition and accolades that Joseph received in Egypt. That reason, by the confession of Pharaoh himself, was wisdom. Wisdom brought justification to Joseph, even in prison.

“Wisdom is the perception of the unimportance of the things we call great, and of the importance of the things we call small.”  Charles Edward Jerningham

For a man to successfully build a storage system that fed the entire then-known world for seven years, that was wisdom. Note that Joseph did not just get the revelation about what to do in the time of famine. He was mandated to execute the grand project, which he carried out brilliantly. He built a storage system that successfully catered for the needs of his nation and the other nations around.

This storage system did not just serve them during the seven years of abundance, what was even more daunting is that it served well when nothing else worked – another seven years.

Today, many nations are not in the position to feed their populace, even in a time of abundance, much less in a time of famine. The difference? The spirit of wisdom! This spirit of wisdom was so glaringly apparent upon Joseph that he was promoted from a prisoner to become the Prime Minister. Wisdom is the only explanation. Kings reign by wisdom. By wisdom rulers issue righteous decrees.

“Wisdom casts a more sparkling color than the ruby, it makes us shine as angels.”  Thomas Watson

The Sealed Wisdom 

It is this secret that will be the only logical explanation for the last days’ exploits.

“Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament.”  Daniel: 12:3a

This chapter in the book of Daniel is talking about the end times and some of the happenings that will take place in our world. A major feature of the end times is going to be, according to this scripture of the Bible, a rapid increase in knowledge.

― Daniel 12:4

With inventions like the internet, search engines, tablets, cybernet, social networks, smart phones, etc., I think that nobody now doubts the truthfulness of this revelation of Daniel. Knowledge has indeed vastly increased in our world today, which makes Daniel’s revelation an obvious truth. We are in the last days!

― Walter Lippmann

It is particularly intriguing to know that Daniel was instructed to seal the book until the time of the end. Even though the revelation of this huge technological breakthrough was revealed back in the days of Daniel, God Almighty gave an instruction that this knowledge should not be unveiled until the last days; our days.

Are we not fortunate to be living in the age of wisdom? At a time when “sealed up knowledge” is being unveiled on a daily basis? Kings reign by wisdom! If you want to be relevant in this age and hour, you should recognise this feature of the times – WISDOM.

Remember it says in verse 3 of Daniel 12: “Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament.” Do you wish to shine in this age? Chase wisdom. Acquire it and it shall cause you to reign.

Wisdom Changes Fortunes

Few men know the power of this revelation as Daniel himself did. He too was the beneficiary of wisdom. A man made by wisdom. Daniel found himself in slavery, but by the power of wisdom he converted the circumstances to his favour. Wisdom changes fortunes. By wisdom he went from being a slave to becoming a governor. We reign by wisdom. By wisdom kings reign.

What happened to Joseph was not an isolated case. Daniel experienced the same wonder-working power of wisdom. Just like with so many heroes we admire today in the Bible, wisdom is a key to reigning in life.

Marcel Proust

If you wish to leave your mark in the sand of your times, if you desire to build a legacy, if it is your desire to do something enduring, the key my friends is wisdom.

Wisdom is a construction force. You build lives through it. Your life cannot be built without it. You build destinies through it. You build industries and corporations through it. Through wisdom you build monuments for yourself. Through wisdom you build your family. Through wisdom you build your future. By wisdom you construct your life. Wisdom is a building force. When you build by wisdom, that leads to leadership, influence and reigning.

“Wisdom is ever fresh; other things grow stale, but this is the evergreen flower of nature.” ― Edward Counsel

The role of wisdom in this end time is too important to be neglected. If the church of the 21st century is to be reckoned with, it must embrace wisdom. That way we can never be ignored. Through wisdom, the promise of being the head and not the tail is easily attainable. If the church is to rule amidst all other world institutions, wisdom must not be neglected in our pulpits.

The significance of the end time church will have to come from wisdom. It is what the Spirit of God will use to practically demonstrate the lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ on earth. It is on the platform of wisdom that the supremacy of our God shall be established. The church and believers cannot shine outside the divine wisdom coming down from above.

Sunday Adelaja is a Nigeria born leader, transformation strategist, pastor and innovator. He was based in Kiev Ukraine.








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